Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tricycle Diaper Baby Shower Gift

Last weekend I attended my Cousin’s Baby Shower. Which means I spent the Saturday AFTER being in a wedding making a Diaper Tricycle, this had success written all over it.

So after I drag myself out of bed and then off the couch I decided that I should make it at my parents house, as it probably wouldn’t survive a trip in my car. So hot mess and all, I went to Target and Rite Aid (I had some killer coupons for Diapers!).

What I bought:
2 36 Jumbo Packages of Diapers
1 set of 3 bibs
1 Bath Towel
1 Pair of Socks
1 Dishwasher Basket
1 set of 3 bottles
1 package of Ribbon.

What I my parents had:
1 Zip tie
2 Wire Hangers
1 Paper towel center
Some string
Some tape
Rubber bands (I’d suggest ones that aren’t dried out and old)

So this is what I did.
I googled ‘ Diaper Tricycle Frugal’ and it found the Tricycle that Frugal with a Flourish (Thanks Jess!!!!!!) had de-constructed.

I semi-read the instructions. I figured, I had that as a reference and I’d test myself to see how amazing I really was.
I ended up following the steps pretty close to how Jess has discovered hers was made however I did have some changes.

When making the back axel, instead of putting napkins over the ends, I used bottles. Which required me to cut the tube. I then stuffed the bottles in the ends.  (I did attempt to 'tape' the bottles on, but that was a wasted effort.)

When attaching the dishwasher basket to the axel, I used string to attached it. I haven’t decided if this was a smart move or not, but my rubber bands weren’t fresh and it was annoying me. (Note: Lack of pictures are due to my infactuating with Dance Mom's. What a trainwreck.)

I made the handle bars per the instructions. The only thing I would caution you about is to make sure that your towel/blanket is big enough. I thought mine was, but in reality after you cross the wire, it magically becomes short. That is a problem. Luckily I bought big songs so I could kind of hide the fact the towel didn’t make it up to the ends. Live and learn, right?

The last modification I did was instead of using ribbon to connect the front to the back, I actually used a White Hanger and curled the end around the paper towel roll. Basically, I looked at the instructions and said, ‘Yeah, I’m not patient enough for that.’ So this was my idea. I did like it. I thought the wire running back made it look more like a tricycle.

Once that was finished all I had to do was put a bib on the front.

I didn’t put the pacifier on the front, because honestly, I forget to pick on up at the store. I know, fail.

If you have any questions, let me know.

I would also suggest not making this when it’s really humid as my diapers got kind of got funky.

Take it easy.

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