Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Gotta light?

I have become hugely addicted to Pinterest. I found this awesome project made with old matches:

I got to thinking that I had some old matches that I took from my grandparents farm. They were not your ordinary matches, they were hysterical, comical match boxes. So I 'pinned' this project and then went to work.

I had this frame that I bought that was on sale and used a coupon. I think it ended up being like $2.00

I removed the junk on the inside. I was first going to use scrapbook paper for the background, but that would have caused a line. After pondering it for a few moments, I decided that I had some Pennysaver paper laying around and the wanted section would be perfect! So that's what I did.

I lade them out to make sure they would fit.

Then took some up close pictures.

I know it's blurry. Do you see 'Infernal Revenue Department?' or how about ' Last Chance Morticians?'

 I used some tape glue to attach them. As the back of the matches are just as funny and I did not want to permanently ruin them. 

Kind of neat, eh? 
Total cost was around $2.00 and about 20 minutes. Whoot!

Thank you Pinterest!

Take it easy.

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