Friday, August 12, 2011

Fantastic Friday

Have a 'Meek' friend isn't always a bad thing, here's why!

So I have to tell you about the greatness that entered my life this week. One of my friends, who has a garden (and a blog!), needed some inspiration. So I stated, in my own way, that I would buy a basket of farm veggies from them. Well...... it just so happens the Mrs. was going to be in the area this week. So she stopped by and brought me this:

I was soooooo excited. If you look closely you can still see dirt. Just the way I like it!
So my plan was originally, I was going to cook some pasta and since I already had cooked Salmon, that I would just cut some veggies with the pasta and Salmon. Well, that went out the window, I wanted to taste them, now. I'm an instant gratification girl, what can I say? So instead of pasta.. I made this...

Flatbread-whatever-thingy, with Salmon, Tomato's, Cucumber, and Squash. Then just a little Extra Virgin Olive Oil. It was amazing. Like unbelievable and so easy. So delicious. So refreshing. So summery.

Dear Meeks',
Thank you for the food. It was delicious.
With Love,
Eates-A-Lot's Taste Buds

In other news, I'm taking the kiddo's tonight to see a Beatles Laser Show and then we are having a sleep over. Should be a very good time. This means I'll be spending the rest of the weekend recovering from the sleep over!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Take it easy.

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