Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Redneck Wedding

I've been meaning to post this for months. Life has gotten me crazy. Anyways, here are some pictures from a wedding I went to in June. Mind you, this was in PA, a state where they do make fun of southerners.

This was the brides shoes.... now that isn't to bad, but I must set the scene. The wedding took place at an old mansion over looking the mountains. Breath taking. However, the couple working in camo every chance they could get. For instance, the table cloth to perform the sand ceremony.... camo.... The ribbon around the cake... camo... They even had little statues of them made that were dress in hunting gear (camo with the orange safety vests & shot guns)

Here is a picture of the Father of the Bride's shoes...
Yes that's camo there...

This was their ride to the reception..
Yes those are empty shotgun shells...

This is where I became utterly speechless. I was the date of one of the groomsmen. He had told me that he was wearing camo. I didn't think much of that... Camo vests can be common. However, my best friend's husband was in the wedding and quickly elaborated on 'camo.' Nothing could have prepared me for this..

The top of the pockets were camo, along with the ties. They also had to buy pleated black pants. Lucky for the guys they actually had to BUY the jacket and pants.  I laughed, at that point, it's all you can do.
And I'm teased because I'M from West Virginia. However, none of my family weddings have EVER compared to this... EVER.

Hope you enjoyed.
Take it easy.

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