Friday, January 13, 2012

Fantastic Friday

Happy Friday!

Click here to read what I wrote for the local online newspaper. It concerns the Occupy movement in Pittsburgh. Interesting stuff.

This is not so fantastic.
So, bad news. Last week I noticed that my back was hurting. The hurt part isn't unusual, however, the pain was. So Wednesday morning, the pain almost debilitating, I call my chiropractor. I got an appointment for later that day.  One of my discs is bulging. *Insert really sad face* So he has cut me off from all of my physical activity. I asked if that included snowboarding. I already knew what that answer was going to be. So I have to back out on Sunday. I'm so upset by this. However, he mentioned that if I wanted to go he could recommend a great surgeon.  So, I'm taking his advice and I've been lounging around and icing. I went this morning for an appointment and I can already feel a difference. I'm hoping that things will be back to "normal" (whatever that maybe at this point) by next week.

The good part of this, is at least I'm missing the gym because I'm not allowed to go rather than being annoyed by all the over-crowding!

It's snowing here. It's beginning to feel like winter, finally.

Have a great weekend.

Take it easy.

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