Thursday, May 19, 2011

Getting with the Program!

So last week I ran. I ran a lot actually. I even ran 6 miles during lunch. Listen. I work in a great city to become fit in. That's all I can say.

Anyways, after making the committments I have made, I decided I needed to find a program. So that's what I have done. I found it here.

So this is what I did this week:
Monday - A 2 mile easy run & some light strength training.
Tuesday - A 3 mile easy run. ( I did this partly in the rain, much to my mother's dismay, but it was a great run. I loved it.)
Wednesday - I did a full Jazzercise class and a Body Sculpting class.
Thursday - A 2 mile easy run.

Now I'm supposed to do
Friday - A 3 mile easy run.
Saturday - A 3.25 mile easy run.

Now I am leaving in a few hours for a trip to Dearborn, MI.  I think I might switch some days around and do the Saturday run on Sunday. It all depends on time and how I am feeling. So we will see.
But I will stick to this program. I'm deteremined. I also realize that I have started really early, so I've decided that I will run the first couple of weeks in doubles. We will see how this goes.

Have a good weekend.

Take it easy.

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