Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Baby Shower Gift!

Saturday I was fortunate enough to get to drive two hours north of Pittsburgh to attend a good friend's baby shower. Let me just say... she is absolutely one of the most precious preggo's I've ever seen. Since the first day I met her ( I worked with her Husband), I knew she was going to be a fantastic Mommy... Her husband on the other hand... let's just say I can't wait to see him change a diaper!

In my fashion, I created a gift... It started like this.

Yes, this was a cabinet door.
I used my cricut machine to do this...
(can you see the cut outs? Okay, well that's what I used for my 'stencil.')
So now imagine me... painting it white between the tape.... then taking a bunch of words and arranging them, then re-arranging them... then starting to paint.. then realizing I have gaps.
Lucky for me, I'm creative:)
Here's almost finished...
As you can see, I used puffy paint to fill in the one gap.. I also love to always make LOVE red. It just HAPPENED to fall in the middle of the piece. 
So I was getting ready to put on 'No Spitting, Hitting, Screaming.' When I thought to myself... Self.. These are things you wish for the child. Maybe the parents have something else... Thus. I painted the section with Chalkboard paint... and it looked like this..
I'm kind of a fan of it.

Then I wrapped it like this..
Oh yeah. I got them Sarris'. They love me.

As for the shower. It was adorable.
Here are some pictures:
Place setting..
Rubber ducky... your the one...
Tell me these aren't the cutest.
Unbelievable mini cupcakes. And since they were mini, it was okay to eat 3. That's like eating one, right?

There's a huge possibility that i will be copying this idea in the near future. All I have to say is that Jen's sister is an AMAZING scrapbook creator. This book was just awesome. So the deal is that they take the baby's picture next to the monkey for the first year to show how he grows. Then they document it in the scrapbook that was created. She added pages in the back for 'parenting advice.' I loved this. It was just awesome.

The Mommy-to-be and Me!
She's so cute. I just love her.

Take it easy.

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