Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Another 'C' Word


I can often be described as a creature of habit, one which does not always embrace change. For instance, I pick my clothes out for the week every Sunday night. If I happen to miss that opportunity, my whole week feels off. Yes. I am that kind of person.  I love my routines, I love what I know. I hate anything that's different.

Last year was big for me, I had been on my ‘fit’ path and it was time to buy dresses for Weddings and other occasions. I ended up with two dresses that I couldn’t have been more excited about. Now, keep in mind, growing up I was the definition of Tom Boy. If you looked it up in the Dictionary you would have seen my picture. So for me to CHOOSE to buy dresses, is quiet a deal. I wore these dresses as much as I could.

Enter April 30, 2011. I had completed my first 5k. I was proud of myself. I was proud of my physical appearance. I began to think about my summer and the fact that I will be attending 3 weddings. 2 of which I needed to wear a dress. I needed a rehearsal dress for the other. Oh crap. So I tried on my favorite dresses from last year… they did not look nearly as nice as I had remembered. The problem, my friends, was even though I’m maintaining weight; I’m not maintaining my size... I’m losing inches, which is great. But those dresses were so darn cute. As I had tagged this photo ‘ A dress my mother can finally be proud of..’

That was the truth. So now with a new pride in myself. I was off to find a dress or two. (Note: I only buy things on sale or with a coupon. Luckily, I just had a birthday so I had a lot of coupons that were to expire that day!)

Off I go to the mall. My first stop, The Limited. I have a hit and miss relationship with this store. Sometimes everything fits and looks amazing and sometimes, it’s just a beautiful disaster. So I wonder through, I find a few items that I kind of enjoy. I look back on the sale section. I find a few more… I have this awesome young lady helping me out. She gets me a room... And I warn her that I’m going to need help and I want her honesty. So the first dress I tried on I really enjoyed. I really liked, but it was a little big in weird spots. But it was totally not Sarah, which was a plus (It had a HUGE flower bring and this weird strap that went around your neck). So then I try on the next one. The fit was good. Better than the first, but the nice young lady told me that, although the fit was good, the print was basically, not that becoming on a mid 27 something. Okay moving on… Then I put on this dress & I couldn’t stop smiling. Sometimes, you just know… Here’s the dress:

 It’s so adorable. The fit was perfect on me. I liked the design. So this was the front runner. So my temporary fashionista, provided me with this dress:

It’s a really dark royal purple. L.O.V.E.D. it. I know they are similar styles. I get that, but they are pretty girly for me. And they actually compliment my body shape. ANNNDDD they were a size smaller than the dresses I bought for last year’s occasions. My little fashionista showed me this one ‘for fun.’ 

Anyone that knows me knows that this is not my style, but totally is. I never in a million years thought I’d wear something like this. Then BAM. I fell madly, deeply in love (and it has pockets!).

So the decision was in hand… which dresses do I buy?

Well, seeing that I’ve really stopped shopping… I decided on the top 2 dresses, and I knew I had another amazing coupon at home… So I’m going back to buy the last one.

I went to another store where I had some coupons... New York & Company… I was in the changing room when I texted a life long friend ‘I don’t even know myself anymore.’ Her response seemed quite frantic until I said, “I’m buying skinny jeans.” Yes, not only were they skinny jeans, but they were denim leggings. They look SOOOO cute with my cowboy boots. Then I went on to purchase... Wait for it… accessories to go with my purple dress. Crazy, I know! Just call me your modern day wild woman.

Change. Sometimes, change can be a fabulous thing. It’s something that can happen in an instant without you even realizing it. This change, this girly-dress-loving change, makes me happy. Now I just need an excuse to wear one of the dresses!

Psst: I’m open to any and all show suggestions. As I don’t really want to wear these dresses going barefoot… Just begging sayin'.

Take it easy.

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Lindsey said...

You definitely do not need an occasion to wear a dress;) Get a girlfriend and go out for happy hour at a downtown place, or down dress any of them with a jean jacket and flip flops...or the cowboy boots! You will look fabulous and who cares if the company you keep doesn't look as great. They will the next time you hang out for sure. Good for you and you should be proud of what you've worked so hard for!!