Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Words For 2011

I have been meaning to do this project since... January.. but I've been distracted, to say the least.
This came from a post that I read that talked about not doing a New Year's resolution, but picking a word and sticking to it. I don't believe in New Year's resolutions, this was something I could get behind.
So my word I choose was 'Free.' Free from the past, free from guilt from others, financial freedom, and the freedom to be who I am and want to be. I liked 'Free.' A lot. Just within the past week or so I added 'Balance' as I am an all-or-nothing type of girl, I came to the realization that it needs to change a little bit. Giving 110% all the time, to everything, will just lead to failure. So those are my words. 'Free' and 'Balance.'

I tried to take pictures throughout the process.  Again - I'm starting with materials purchased at my favorite-store-ever.
As you can see, these weren't in bad shape. They were dirty. So I cleaned them, but other than that, They were in perfect condition.

I wanted to do something different with them. I didn't want it to be the same colors I always use... So I went into my 'stash' and I found two colors that I had from my Mom. Now, my Mom painted their living room and picked out a lot of colors and got the cute little samples. After painting the fan blades.. Thank goodness these colors did not end up on the wall. That's all I can say.. Anyways, here's painted:
I ended up painted a second coat, because, one coat was not even close to enough.

You can see the stencils I used above the blade. I traced them on with a pencil. (Yes, the whole time through the project I thought, "How nice would this be with a Silhouette machine.")


Once I had the words traced on it, I used black paint for one, and the other, a color that was a shade darker.
This was the result.

I'm diggin' them. Now I'm working on ideas on how to display them.

Take it easy.

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Cindy @ LeChaiseParfait said...

What a cute idea.

CindyLou said...

That's great! What's your favorite store? Hmmm ... I bet they'd look cute just hung on the wall or maybe suspended somehow - maybe a chain? I'm going to be your first follower!! I love being first. I'd love for you to come and visit me too @ SouthernComforts. Have a blessed day!

gail@myrepurposedlife.net said...

great repurpose! You could use saw tooth hangers, (unseen) or twine, or ribbon!
You could lean them on a shelf too.