Friday, March 4, 2011

Hit's from the 1880's.

Can I just say that I found this band a while ago on youtube and it was one of the best finds ever. I went and downloaded some stuff off of iTunes (which, big deal for this girl). I have been addicted to them ever since. Sometimes I just need some REAL old school music. I will say that I appreciate musical talent so other's might not enjoy this, but these guys are AMAZING. I've actually seen them twice and they get better and better. I was totally excited to find out they are coming back to the 'Burgh in June. Totally there. Okay, sooo drum roll please....let me introduce the Two Man Gentleman Band

You have to check them out. There songs are witty and hysterical. Some of my favorites?
1. William Howard Taft
2. Fancy Beer
3. Corn Liquor
4. Prime Numbers
5. They Can't Prohibit Love!
Just to name a few. Just listen to them. That's all I can say..

Watch this and tell me it didn't make you smile. For real.

Have a good weekend.
Take it easy.

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