Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Long Drive? I got a playlist for that!

So how do you make a 3.5 hour drive feel like an hour? Have an awesome playlist filled with really REALLY long songs. When I drove across the state, I decided that I would make a playlist to listen too to try to make the drive seem a little faster… as 3.5 hours isn’t long. I wanted it to seem shorter.

Fortunately, on my way out, 90’s on 9, 80’s on 8, and the Pulse were playing amazing songs, so I didn’t listen to my playlist. (Via Sirius/XM)

On my way home, I listened to it. I was almost able to make it from one Rest Stop to the next without changing the song, That will totally be the goal the next trip out.

Here’s my list. I loved it.

Oh yeah. That really is a Phil Collin’s 20 minute mega-mix. Let me tell you. It’s awesome. Don’t Judge. No, ‘True to Your Heart’ isn’t on it.

Additionally, Michael Jackson’s megamix is second to none, but I was home before I even listen to it.

The trip took me right at 3 hours. So there were songs I wasn't able to hear, but this is a great idea. I totally suggest you finding the longest songs you have and listen to them on a long trip.

I’m a huge DMB fan, so that’s pretty easy for me…

Take it easy.

PSST: This also makes the workday go by faster.

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