Sunday, February 6, 2011

Oh Mama I'm in Fear

of winning the 7th Super Bowl...I mean, we have won MORE Super Bowls than anyone else. Whoop Whoop!

So today is the day. Today is the day we've been waiting for over a year. It's super bowl Sunday in the City of Steel. It's a day this city shows it heart and soul... It's a day where we should the nation, the world, who this city is. I've been up since 8. Ready for the game. I'm pumped. I'm ready. It's going to be a great game. It's going to be a hard fought game. But Black and Gold will come home with their 7th. Yes, their 7th Super Bowl victory. Need I say more?
If I needed another reason to love my team... It's because the night before, Tomlin didn't give a fiery speech. They didn't get all rowdy. Nope. They turned the lights down and listened to this song:
Yeah. My team is that awesome. AHHH. That's how we roll.

So before I go, I wanted to give the non-Pittsburghers a little taste of the classic 'Burgh songs.
As most people know - we are very into our Polka's. This is a classic. It is also played at any wedding reception worth going to.
"We're from the City with the great football team.."

Then we have this song.. Which was started in the 90's and has been updated ever since...
Again - this is played at weddings... A lot of times it's the entrance song.. however, you can bet, the terrible towels are waved.. even at a reception.

And finally. One of the most adrenalin filled songs. This video is showed at Heinz field, when the defense needs a lift. It has even been said that the PLAYERS call for it. It's the only time during the game that the screen actually goes black. To experience the energy when this video starts, it's unbelievable. As the story goes, STYX didn't even know that it was such a cult hit, such a game day favorite, until they were invited to play the song during a Steeler game. If those doesn't get your heart beating, your legs shaking.. I don't know what will. Please pay close attention to the fans as they realize the screen went black.. Additionally, I would like you to note the terrible towels swinging. I heard Ben say this morning that when the fans wave the towel, it's like they are sending their soul to the players. Accurate Ben. Very Accurate.

Woot Woot!
Go Steelers.
Bring home the 7th.

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