Tuesday, June 7, 2011



Today I was at the gym on the treadmill running. It was storming during my typical workout time so I decided that I would workout indoors. As I rounded the corner and saw the massive amounts of people on the cardio equipment, I quickly became de-motivated. However, I committed to 40 days of running 3 miles a day and darn it. I was going to do that.

So I change, I get all pumped up… and I’m excited to be wearing a shirt that I modified so I didn’t have to worry about my selves being all annoying. So moving on. I get on a treadmill and I start going at it.. and as I’m working out, I’m like man… I remember that us regulars kept thinking that by February all these people would be gone. Boy were we wrong… The thing that has gotten me is that it isn’t the same people.. it’s like people only come for a week or two and then stop. Which, don’t get me wrong, I’m all about people working out. More power to you.. But there are things to know… and this… this is the biggest, learn gym etiquette before you start…. I have a story about today…. That stunned me. Absolutely stunned me.

After I finished my 3 miles, I still had some time, so I thought I’d throw in some quick chest and back exercises. So I walk over, the bench is free, so I grab some weights and I start putting the one side on… I go back to get the weights for the other side and I go to put them on the other side, and I kid you not… like I’m DEAD SERIOUS, a lady literally sat down on the bench and started to do some exercise. Stunned. The guys that lift at that time were all laughing, I could see it in the mirror and the fact they all turned their backs and she had no idea what she did. She was absolutely clueless. Like, seriously lady? So she did her exercise and I patiently waited, with my jaw open… and then when she finished I said ‘Excuse me, can I use this now.’ She literally HUFFED! HUFFED and STOMPED AWAY. Like for real? What also got me going was the fact that there was an open bench you just had to flatten. I figure now, that she probably didn’t know how to do it. But I was speechless. Absolutely. After she walks away, the guys just all keep looking at me, because I’m just fuming… I mean, seriously. So anyways… I move on with my workout, and I move to the open bench, start doing my workout… realized I needed other weights, so I get up and get them (and 3 feet away) and she starts putting her crap on the bench. I’m like, for real? Twice. I’ve never EVER seen you in this gym, and you are taking my crap twice. I was fired up. I have never witnessed anything like that before. I’m not super skinny, but you can obviously tell I know my way around the gym…. And for someone to get mad at ME?! No. Doesn’t happen.

So for the newbies you are nervous to go to the gym…. Go, try it out. Regulars don’t care how big or overweight you are… Just respect others. Ask someone if they are done with the equipment before commandeering it. That’s all I have to say about that.

I’m still stunned. Can you tell?

Take it easy.


red.neck chic said...

I kid you not - my jaw is touching my desk. Well, it was before I sat up to start typing - seriously. touching.

I can not believe how RUDE she is!!! And - you are better than I 'cause I would have started taking the weights BACK off as she started lifting!

I would have - I'm a redhead...

You have my TOTAL admiration for running and gym'ing it... I'm cheering you from my couch!!!

;-D robelyn

Lindsey said...

People are so oblivious.....and rude:( Hopefully her workout phase will fade...QUICKLY!