Thursday, January 27, 2011

From the City of Steel

"To say football is the local religion isn't quite right, because I've met a lot of à la carte Catholics and drifting Episcopalians. But I've never known a lapsed Steelers fan. "
- Quote from and ESPN.Com article

I am not sure that you could make anymore true statements about the City of Steel. I can vividly remember going to my Catholic Church back in the 90's and if we had a particular father, you KNEW Mass was going to be no longer than 30 minutes on a Steeler Sunday. In fact, the entire service would be to 'pray for the Stillers.' For all you Catholics out there, you can appreciate a 30 minute mass (include Communion!)

Yes - Steeler Nation can be harsh on our team. Some of them have been making it very easy for us to get angry with them... however, we do it, because we feel that we are in a relationship with them. And when they lose, they disappoint us. They disappoint us in a way that is not a sports team, but that your spouse or significant other disappoints you. When they win, it's that sweet surprise you get form your partner. So unkind words can be said, frustration can be had, but never, ever would a true fan turn their back on the Stillers. I can assure you that. We are unlike any fans you've ever met. Just like our team.

Recently, the city has been just a buzz with pride, excitement, and generally great moods. Not only are the Stillers going to the SuperBowl.... which it just happens to be the 77th year... potentially our 7th Superbowl victory... led by our QB who is Number 7.  I mean - come on. But back to it. Not only is our football team dominating, but our hockey team. Unbelievable. This team just has greatness written all of it.  Yes, we do have a baseball team, however, they just get the occasional whiff of mediocrity.

I realize how lucky I am to live in a city in which we have two teams that are play-off caliber every year. I love it.

So the reason for the post? No it wasn't to boast about how awesome my sports teams are.. (psst. We do have more Superbowl wins than any other football franchise. Just sayin'.)
But to show you a table I made a few years ago, while I was watching a Pens playoff game. I bought the table for 12.50 at an auction. I had to do minimal work to prepare it for the wood burning. A play-off game later, this is what I had. This is one of my favorite tables. It's a crowd pleaser!

Take it easy.
Go Steelers.

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