Friday, March 23, 2012

Fantastic Friday

So here I am... My last day of work. There is a sense of excitement which covers a little bit of sadness. I have been reminiscing a lot lately, about my time... and I am so proud of myself for the person I have become.

Taken it back four and half year ago, I walked into this building, in awe of the stature (tallest building in the city).  I had just gotten married and this was my second job and I felt as though as I was on top of the world. I developed friendships that had transcended the work environment.  Individuals, that even after they had left, I still communicate and visit.  Those relationships are what got me through the divorce and allowed me to be who I am today.

I look back fondly on this experience, as I can't help but to think that I grew up here. It's almost as if, I learned the lessons in business that I needed to gain. I gained maturity and understood the best way to approach different situations.  It was my training ground.  It also allowed me to live a great life.  I was blessed with the opportunity to travel to Slovakia to perform and Audit. I am so very grateful for that experience. The friendships I have with my Slovakian counterparts is something I will forever treasure. 

As I move on my career, I will carry those experiences with me and build upon them.

I realize how truly blessed I have been with the company I have been. I believe that is why today is so bittersweet. So for today, we will celebrate the good times and the friendships we have built. For April 10th, is the dawning of a new day for me.

I started this job feeling like I was on top of the world... I felt like I had lost everything... and I'm leaving feeling that life could not get much better than it is right now. That is my definition of success.

Thank you for all of those who have been on  this journey with me.

Take it easy.

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