Friday, April 22, 2011

Fantastic Friday

Here's a different Fantastic Friday for 'yinz' guys.

1. I bought a pair of pants this week that was the same size when I was a senior in high school. Score.
2. I'm off today!!!
3. I ran 3.1 miles outside under 30 minutes. (Not bad after my second round of Bronchitis in two months).
4. Spending time with family this weekend! Whoop Whoop!
5. Going to GAME 5. Oh yeah. I'll be at Consol Energy Center for game 5. I can't wait.
6. Words Can Explain. This video says it all..

Have a great weekend. Mine will be Epic.

Take it easy.

1 comment:

Stephanie Sabbe said...

thanks for the sweet comment about my boy:)

congrats on the pants! I am excited to wear non elastic waisted pants again:)