Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Eates' Thanksgiving

So my family has a very different Thanksgiving tradition... It all started when I was in high school (?) maybe.. My Dad acquired a stainless steel grill.. Now, this is no ordinary grill.. This grill is massive.. We typically cooked prime rib and chicken on it. It is the absolute best prime rib you'd ever eat in your life... Well my father got the bright idea to cook turkey's.. Little did we know what we created... Ever since then, the tradition has carried on... This year we cooked 9 turkey's. No, not just for our family, but for 8 other families.. We have a morning shift and an afternoon shift. the morning shift starts around 7 in the morning.. We typically end around 1ish.  Here's a look at the morning cooking... It's okay to drool, we've all done it..

 See - I told you it was big!!! Yes - those really are the best turkey's ever.. Perfection every time.

 Num num num!

 .. and the best turkey cook ever.. My Dad!

Our Thanksgiving mornings are filled with laughter and friends... from someone once bringing over a frozen turkey to learning that only get a butterball if you like yours crispy, to the sharing of Chimay . For this reason, I believe Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I realize how lucky my family is to have this opportunity. Don't worry, my dad has already started grooming us, so that the tradition will always continue!

Here's a few more snapshots from the day!
 My Dad, Brother and I...
 My niece and I getting photobombed by my brother!
 My niece and nephew!
 Cousin Jess and I.... Sammy was rather clingy that morning..

Mr. Wonderful and I with the kids!

Thanksgiving is NEVER complete without my Aunt's Palm Tree....

I hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving!!!

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