Tuesday, February 14, 2012

You are now free to move about the country!

Thank you Southwest!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU!

I just bought a plane ticket. I plane ticket that should have cost me over $500 but only cost me $74. Thank you Southwest. I did something I never do, I applied for a credit card specifically to get a free flight to Vegas. Well, not free, it cost me SOME money, but I'd rather take the 74 than the 500 and some. Yes I know it hurts my credit score, but not enough for me to worry.

Why did I buy a ticket?
Because 2 of my friends, who happen to be twins, happen to have the same B-day as me and they are celebrating theirs in Vegas. Seeing how I've never been, I'm going. I. Cannot. Wait.


Take it easy.

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Lindsey said...

Fun:) Vegas is a blast. Make sure you go see a show, stay hydrated and be safe:)