Friday, September 30, 2011

Fantastic Friday

This post is way past over due… So I’ll try to make it short, but keep all the highlights….

I ended up pulling out of the Great Race last Sunday. Luckily I was able to sell my bib to a friend’s friend so someone at least could use it. Earlier in the week I had gone to my asthma/allergy doctor and he diagnosed me with Vocal Chord Dysfunction. The fun think about this was that one of my good friends (known her since 3rd grade) diagnosed me with this about 3 months ago and I told her she was crazy. The good news it’s totally fixable. Basically, I just have to learn to breathe correctly again. I was able to run 3 miles both Tuesday and Thursday. They weren’t world records (but close) but it felt good to be able to run and now have to feel like I was suffocating myself. I know that the therapy will take 6-8 weeks, but hopefully once this is all gone, I will be back to my June ’10 self. So I’m back to feeling alright with myself. I was also able to refocus on my lifting and strength training and I don’t feel like such a looooser anymore.

Another subject, I got the best text earlier this week (or late last week) from my sister. It was a picture of what my niece did at school. The paper had her name, age, what she liked to eat, and what she liked… in which she responded… get ready for this… ‘I like to go ice skating with Aunt Sarah.’ I’m not going to lie, I might have gotten a little teary. It’s crazy but a lot of my friends are now becoming Aunts/Uncles… and I can’t stop explaining how awesome it is. I absolutely love being an Aunt. Last night I went out with two ladies from Jazzercise and I was just braggin’ about those kids. But I told him, 7 years ago (my nephew is 7), if you would have told me that

a. I’d be THIS in love with the kids, I’d call you crazy.
b. that my family trusts me enough to have the kids for sleep overs and take them out in the city, I laugh in your face.
c. Think that the best Friday nights are when I take the kids to dinner and then to a laser show, I’d roll my eyes.

The truth is, they have in their weird way taught me how to be a “responsible” adult. There is just something so endearing with their innocence and their constant wonder, which I just can’t get enough of. Last weekend I think I finally realized how much these kids really do mean to me when I was driving my niece from point A to point B and I wasn’t paying attention, but when I got her out of my car she had applied make up to herself… and it was all over my seat…. And instead of getting made and worked up and freaking out (my car is my baby), I laughed, smiled at her and told her she looked Beautiful and hugged her. Surprisingly, the world didn’t end. Maybe I’ve finally figured out this whole growing up thing… who knows… All I do know is I am so proud to be an Aunt.

I hope you have a fantastic weekend… It’s finally going to get cold here…. Like REALLY cold.. Furnace turning on type weather. But I'm so not complaining! Bring on Fall!

Take it easy.

PS. Happy Birthday Jo. Love you sista! I can’t wait to celebrate with you tonight

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